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Uneasiness is a gateway to freedom and balance


Hva er urometoden

The true self method

"Inner uneasiness is a gateway to freedom and balance."

When life is difficult, uneasiness becomes noticeable within us if we pay attention. Most of us believe that the discomfort is caused by something being wrong, either with ourselves, our surroundings, or both. Instinctively, we react by trying to correct what we believe is the cause of our discomfort. We refer to this way of dealing with restlessness/discomfort as a reactive pattern.

We repeat such patterns without realizing that these reactive actions do not lead to freedom and balance but only to new rounds of reactive corrections (irritation, withdrawal, collapse, jealousy, aggression, anxiety, violence, confusion, manipulation, panic, etc.).


With The True Self Method, we will together open the door to our laboratory and investigate where in the body uneasiness becomes activated and how we can use it as an entry point to our resources.


You will learn specific tools that will help you gain increased awareness of what drives your patterns.

Om meg

About me

I have personally experienced significant inner uneasiness in my own life. I have witnessed how this restlessness has imposed strong destructive influences on my personal growth and relationships with my loved ones and fellow human beings. Through exploring my own reactive restlessness and patterns, I discovered a treasure that completely transformed my relationship with life.

Life is often unbearable, disappointing, and painful, despite our attempts to avoid it being so. Ironically, it is painful experiences such as illness, divorce, bankruptcy, failure, loss, and conflict that carry the potential to bring contentment to our lives. It is possible to learn to approach such painful experiences differently than trying to hold it together, avoid pain, and live up to the ideals we have all been taught to do.

Bernard Bøhmer works as a True Self teacher in his own practice in Oslo, Norway, where he offers teaching and courses for companies, schools, and private groups. Over the past 18 years, Bernard has worked to develop The True Self Method. He is a co-author of the book "True Self" (Inner turmoil a portal to freedom and balance), available at Amazon.


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Bernard Bøhmer


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