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Student's Group April 2024

Completion of the student group program at Nøsen Mountain Hotel

Women's group April 2023

Sauna and sea bathing with women's group

Men's group November 2022

Sauna and sea bathing with men's group

Portal to Freedom 
A men's group


"When life is difficult, uneasiness, unrest and disquiet become apparent if you acknowledge it. Most of us believe that the uneasiness is caused by something flawed. Either that we are flawed, our surroundings are – or both."

Read more about the course in August 2022 here

​Nøsen Yoga Retreat July 2022


This course is designed to explore where restlessness activates within the body, allowing us to utilize it as a gateway to our inner resources.



Read more about the course in July 2022 her

Nøsen Yoga Festival 2022

Introduction of The True Self Method at Nøsen Yoga Festival

Read more about the summer 2022 festival here

Nøsen Yoga Retreat

Nøsen Yoga Resort has created a place where you can come to strengthen both your body and mind, unwind, immerse yourself in nature, and practice yoga amidst the breathtaking surroundings.


Here, we host courses and various events. To learn more, please read here

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